MPAF Distinguished Psychologist Award

The Distinguished Psychologist Award honors a psychologist who has made outstanding contributions over a number of years to psychology in Michigan.  Such contributions may be academic, applied, or otherwise reflect the qualities of dedication, competence, high ethical standards, and advocacy for the field of psychology.  A psychologist eligible for the Distinguished Psychologist Award must reside in Michigan, be a member of good standing in MPA, be nominated by a member in good standing in MPA, and be considered by his/her peers as having made outstanding contributions to psychology in Michigan.  Outstanding contribution may include distinct and extraordinary accomplishments with recognizable impacts providing advance in enabling, understanding, or communicating key psychological issues during the past five-year period. 

For more information or to submit a nomination contact the MPA Office.  Due February 28, 2021.

Previous awardees:
Jeffery Andert, PhD
Steven Ceresnie, PhD
Lyle Danuloff, PhD
Joy Wolfe Ensor, PhD
Larry Friedberg, PhD
Jack Haynes, PhD
Josephine Johnson, PhD
George H. Kates, PhD
Judith Kovach, PhD
Louis Post, PhD
Arthur Robin, PhD
Debra Smith, PsyD
Dane Ver Merris, EdD