The MPA Insurance Committee engages with insurance entities across the State of Michigan to advocate for psychology and the mental health needs of the public.

Valencia Montgomery, PsyD

Committee Members:
Joseph Horak, PhD - Vice Chair
Elizabeth Bishop, PhD 
Carol Ellstein, PhD
Ken Salzman, PhD
Rebecca Roth, PhD
Taisel Losada, PhD
Kimberly Bancroft, PhD
Christina Jagielski, PhD, MPH

How does the purpose of the committee fit with the MPA mission?
We represent the interests of psychologist by:

  • Promoting our unique training and skills, including those that serve the goal of improving health outcomes by integrating physical and mental healthcare
  • Advocating for reimbursements commensurate with our training and expertise
  • Advocating for our full inclusion in insurers’ quality improvement initiatives
  • Protecting our profession by advocating for credential and reimbursement policies that reflect providers’ training, scope of practice, and professional judgment in applying CPT codes
  • Minimizing the impact of carved-out managed care plans on the practice of psychology.

We represent the mental health needs of the public by:

  • Advocating for policies and practices that will increase access and remove barriers to high quality care
  • Providing insurers with educational materials about mental health services and integrated care that they can promulgate to the customers and subscribers
  • Advocating for legislation that will support optimal mental health/substance use/developmental disorder services, provided by appropriately trained professionals, for all residents of our State.

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