Early Career Psychologists Committee 

The Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Committee of the Michigan Psychological Association represents the interests of those entering the profession of psychology within ten years of achievement of their doctorate degree.  The ECP Committee is a place where leadership development begins, and it promotes the advancement of its members in the MPA as well as in competitive job markets.  The committee provides support for the transitions that take place early in a career, particularly from student to psychologist, by providing a community in which its members gain education and empowerment.

Natalie El - Alam PsyD, LP

Committee Members:
Lisa Vroman Stokes, PhD
Julia Craner Cooper, PhD
Amy Loree, PhD
Natalie Nugent, PhD
Leah Hecht, PhD (Graduate Fellow Member)
Maria Olex, PsyD (Graduate Fellow Member)

A Few of the Ways MPA Works for ECPs:

  • For the first two years after you graduate, MPA offers a $220 discount for membership.
  • If you’re in a jam (or think you’re about to be), MPA offers a free session of legal consultation.  We also have on-hand experts in ethics, licensure, and insurance!
  • The ECPC has a voice that’s heard: The ECPC Chair has a vote on the MPA Board of Directors.


How does the purpose of the committee fit with the MPA mission?
The ECP Committee represents psychologists’ interests by:

  • Understanding the needs of early career psychologists within the state.
  • Increasing engagement with and advocacy for early career psychologists.
  • Representing early career psychologists to the MPA board.
  • Promoting recruitment and retention of early career psychologists to MPA membership.
  • Fostering psychology leadership among ECPs.

The ECP committee represents the mental health needs of the public by:

  • Advocating for ECPs, which will promote long-term access to high-quality mental healthcare in the State of Michigan.
  • Connecting ECPs to MPA, increasing the sustainability of the association and its missions to represent the public’s mental health needs.

The American Psychological Association offers online resources for ECPs.

Connect with us!
If you are interested in joining the ECPC, please contact Dr. El-Alam.