MPA Fellows Award

A Fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association is awarded to psychologists who meet the following criteria and are interested and engaged in the advancement of psychology as a science and as a profession.

A psychologist eligible to be a Fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association must:
  • Reside in Michigan be a member of good standing in the Michigan Psychological Association
  • Be nominated by a member of good standing in the Michigan Psychological Association that is already a Fellow
  • Be considered by his/her peers as having made outstanding contributions to psychology or displayed outstanding performance in the field of psychology in Michigan 
Nominations are solicited annually two months prior to the annual convention.  Letters announcing the opening of the nomination process will be sent to the list of all previously awarded MPA Fellows and will include a list of current MPA Fellows.  Nominations will be submitted with a supporting statement of 250 words identifying the basis for the nomination and why the candidate is uniquely qualified to receive the award.  Each statement must discuss the outstanding contribution or outstanding performance substantiating the nominees’ eligibility for the award.  Nominations must be submitted at least 1 month prior to the annual convention.
Review and Approval
Nominees are forwarded to the Executive Committee to confirm that nominees meet nomination criteria.  Nominees are then vetted to assure they meet membership related criteria.  Once vetted for membership standing the MPA Board of Directors reviews and approves the submissions.

Previous MPA Fellows: 
Jeffrey Andert
Jean Apperson
Bradley Axelrod
Walter Baker
Stanley Berent
Gail Berkove
Linas Bieliauskas
William Bloom
James Bow
Debra Brodie
Elizabeth Bruning
William Busby
Steven Ceresnie
Bela Chopp
Charles Clark
Carolyn Daitch
Lyle Danuloff
Jacobus Donders
Carol Ellstein
Robert Erard
Ellen Fedon-Keyt
Larry Friedberg
Stacey Gedeon
Thomas Gola
Pamela Hartmann
Jack Haynes
Carol Holden
Peter Ianni
Josephine Johnson
Mark Kane
George H Kates
Mark Ketterer
Judith Kovach
Andrew Kronk
Nancy Kulish
Barbara J. LaHood
Micki Levin
Alan Lewandowski
Arthur Lewandowski
Pamela Ludolph
Arthur Luz
Frederick Marshall
Barry Mintzes
Howard Moore
Donald Moss
Cheryl Munday
William Nicholson
Marianne Osentoski
Douglas Park
Loretta Polish
John Porcerelli
Louis Post
Jay Pozner
Donna Rinnas
Arthur Robin
Kenneth Salzman
Joanne Schouten
Carol Schwartz
Bradley Sewick
Valerie Shebroe
Kristin Sheridan
Robert Shumaker
Susan Silk
Jared Skillings
Debra Smith
Walter Smith
Steven Sobota
Daniel Spector
Christopher Sterling
Krishna Stillianos
Andrew Swerdlow-Freed
Daniel Swihart
Delia Thrasher
Roberta Toll
Janice Tomakowsky
Aloise Utecht
Robert VanNoord
Dane Ver Merris
Diane Webb
Mary Weiner
Eric Whiteside
Gerard Williams
Eric Willmarth
Joy Wolfe Ensor