Marlene O’Neil Scholarship Award

The Marlene O’Neil Scholarship Award is made to a graduate student in the field of psychology who shows outstanding academic performance, has demonstrated a commitment to community service, and shows evidence of strong leadership potential.

A student eligible for this award must be:
  1. enrolled in graduate school within the state of Michigan
  2. seeking a master’s or doctoral degree in the field of psychology
  3. a student member in good standing of the Michigan Psychological Association
  4. nominated by a member in good standing of the Michigan Psychological Association.

Nominations are solicited annually 3 months prior to the annual MPA convention. The Executive Director shall 1) issue a call for nominations, and a description of the award, by blast e-mail to all members of the association, 2) post a notification on the association website, and in the Michigan Psychologist, and 3) send notification to a contact list of Michigan program directors and psychology department chairpersons. Nominations must be accompanied by a letter describing the nominee’s qualifications for the award, a copy of the nominee’s current academic transcript, and an additional letter of recommendation from a second professional (nominee’s advisor or an instructor/professor/supervisor familiar with the nominee’s qualifications.) Letters should be 250-500 words in length. The nominee must complete and submit the application available on the MPAGS  section of the MPA website.  Nominations must be submitted no later than one month prior to the annual MPA Convention.

The Executive Committee will review the nomination to assure that candidates meet the established criteria. If there is more than one nominee who meets the criteria, the MPAGS committee will review the applications and choose the recipient. All nominees are vetted to assure meeting membership criteria. Nominees will be approved by the board of directors.

Nominees are notified in writing by the President, or designee, that they have been selected to receive the award during the awards ceremony of the annual convention and are invited to attend to receive the honor in person.

The award recipient will receive the amount of $500 at the annual convention awards ceremony.  Award recipient’s information is included in the annual convention program, and becomes a part of the permanent record displayed on the MPA website. A news release is sent to the award winner’s local paper.