MPAF Beth Clark Award

The Beth Clark Service Award is given to an MPA member who has demonstrated volunteerism, initiative, perseverance, integrity, selflessness and good will in the service of MPA or other worthy causes related to the mission of MPA.  A psychologist eligible for the Beth Clark Service Award must reside in Michigan, be a member in good standing of the Michigan Psychological Association, be nominated by a member in good standing of MPA, and be considered by his or her peers as a person exhibiting the qualities outlined in the criteria.  Nominations are accepted with a supporting statement of 250-500 words identifying the basis for the nomination and specifying how the candidate meets the criteria for the award. 

Please submit nominations or seek more information by email to [email protected].  Due February 28, 2021.  

Previous Awardees:
Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD, RN
Steven Ceresnie, PhD
Carol Ellstein, PhD
Larry Friedberg, PhD
Stacey Gedeon, PsyD
Jack Haynes, PhD
Josephine Johnson, PhD
Lawrence Perlman, PhD
Carol Schwartz, PhD
Kristin Sheridan, PhD
Susan Silk, PhD
Debra Smith, PsyD
Krishna Stiliano, PhD
James Windell, MA